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» You think you've got troubles? from AccMan Pro
I often use this site as a way of calling software vendors to account. There is a reason. Many professionals act in loco parentis to their clients when it comes to record keeping and they know effective software is crucial. So I was fascinated to read ... [Read More]

» Even SOA Won't Help from Eric Newcomer's Weblog
Any technology can be abused or misused. And it's certainly fair to say that an SOA isn't the answer to every problem. But Joe McKendrick goes a little too far when he quotes Vinnie Mirchandani's blog entry about Mike Hammer's 15-year old paper on busi... [Read More]

» Rebates: the Business Process that will Never be Re-engineered from Rebate Processing Services
by Zoli Erdos Winnie Mirchandani started a series of posts on business processes that badly need angioplasty.   Processing rebates is certainly a most convoluted process – unfortunately by design.  As Business Week points out, 40% of all [Read More]



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